Real Asset Investment.

Real asset investment is not easy concept. It is a form of very old investment. It is a part of alternative investment(AI).

Types of Real assets

Real asset is tangible assets such as real estate, infrastructure, commodities have value as a direct claim on productivity,

in contrast to financial assets that are claims on cash flows. Real assets also include such as land, farmland, and timber.

Real Asset investments have the advantage that they have higher returns than bonds and less risk than stocks.

Resal asset area

Difficulty of real asset investment

Real asset market is some difficult at individual approach. The market lacks both transparency and efficiency compared to Other Market. The reasons for the lack in transparency.

* No uniform regulatory requirements (compared to equities and bonds for example).
* Very low trading frequency due to high transaction costs (10~20%) and to high prices.
* Unstandardized assets (each object has different characteristics).
* Excessive bureaucratic processes.

The most important thing about real asset investment.

Because market participants need transparency, market participants pay a high fee to the actual asset manager. In addition, there are many unique problems in this market area. Title defects related to ownership exist in almost every transaction and require high fixing costs.

Real asset investment is a high investment return, but it is the investment area of experts.

These problems will be solved by the RealAssetChain Team and we will strive to make a clear investment. It is difficult at individual approach.

We can solve the problem.

* We can design return and risk

If we have enough investment, we can design our return on investment and risk. For example, we recommend high-risk areas for those who want more returns, and those that are less risky for those who want stable returns.

Risk/ Return area

* We will make crowd fund.

we will mke crowd-funding on our investment assets whenever new investments are made. Our team will conduct a rigorous selection process among real assets, publicize it on the homepage and conduct crowd-funding.

In this process, we will build an investment management system. expect to eliminate uncertainties and dramatically reduce costs. And for that, RealAssetChain(RAI) will be used.

The RealAssetChain(RAI) management team has an extensive background in Investment. Our project is not a technical project. We are an investment project that pursues stable profitability.